Speaker, Writer, Survivor,

Mental Health Advocate

Everyone, at one time or another is a survivor of trauma, be it gossip, lies told about you, a physical or mental illness, domestic abuse, child abuse, a painful ending to an important relationship, loss of a job or income, surviving a threatening or violent incident, sexual harassment/assault and death of a loved one. Sometimes we experience secondary trauma when it happens to someone we love.

In 2017 (latest statistics) over 1.4 million people attempted suicide and 47,000 succeeded. More than 4 million child maltreatment reports were filed involving 7.5 million children. There were 1,700 children who died from abuse and neglect. This is an epidemic that must be addressed. And the first step is to bring the conversation to light by talking about it.

Lindagail’s forty-year journey has given her first-hand insights into the life-long ramifications of physical and emotional child abuse, domestic and sexual violence and the resulting mental illness.

Her timely and relevant messages lend support to survivors, giving voice to their pain and letting them know they need not suffer alone.  She shares what was helpful and what was hurtful within a captivating and inspirational story.

Hope moves us toward change. Together we can lead the way, one story, one conversation, one step at a time. For the past ten years, Lindagail has been a  speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and various domestic abuse organization. With a lifetime of experiences, let Lindagail build a speech around your specific message.