Lindagail’s Story

Growing up to see abuse as a normal and expected part of life, Lindagail married and had four children with two alcoholic, abusive men. She gave no thought to her childhood as she struggled to survive life-threatening depression.

At age 27 she experienced her first visual and audio flashback which began her long journey to healing. Over the next two decades, her post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms appeared as flashbacks, nightmares, complex depression, mind-racing, anxiety and dissociation.

Lindagail’s journey is not unique. The mental illness she experienced was a direct result of the abuse she experienced as a child, teen and young mother.

Her road to recovery taught her many lessons. She is presently writing her memoir. She speaks and writes so other survivors will know they are not alone. By sharing what was helpful and what was not, loved ones and those in the helping fields will gain a better understanding of barriers survivors face as they journey to heal.   

Lindagail reading at The Loft Literary Center